Amsterdam's Distelweg has experienced a rich history of transformation and development. Originally located on the northern bank of the IJ River, this area in the 19th century was primarily an industrial zone with shipyards, warehouses and factories. Its proximity to the water made it a favorable location for maritime activities and goods storage.

From shipyard to vibrant urban district

During World War II, Distelweg, like many other parts of Amsterdam, suffered heavy damage from bombing and fighting. After the war, a period of reconstruction began, and many of the old industrial buildings were repaired or replaced. The shipyards largely disappeared and were substituted by more diverse businesses.

During the 1970s and 1980s, the urban landscape changed again. Much of the industry moved to other parts of the city, and Distelweg underwent a gradual transformation into a mixed residential and workplace area. Old lofts and warehouses were converted into modern living spaces, and artists and creative businesses settled in the area, giving the area a trendy character.

THIS. embodies the future of work, framed by the industrial heritage of the past
Times may change, but DNA continues forever

From there, Distelweg became a hotspot for young professionals and creative entrepreneurs. New apartment complexes and modern offices were built, and the Buiksloterham area grew into a vibrant city district of Amsterdam. At the same time, the city also invested in infrastructure improvements, making Distelweg more accessible for everyone.

Today, Distelweg is a vibrant and up-and-coming neighborhood with a mix of living, working and leisure. It still retains some of its industrial elements, but these are now mixed with modern architecture, art galleries, restaurants and cafes. Distelweg's history reflects the evolution of Amsterdam itself, from an industrial port city to a diverse and dynamic metropolis. THIS. is the place to be! .

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